Oliver Meets With the WASPI Women

On Wednesday 8th March, Oliver Colvile MP met with someone WASPI women who had traveled up to London to speak to their local MPs. The high-profile campaign has made a lot of progress on the issue of state pensions for women born in the 1950s.

Speaking after the meeting the Plymouth group, Oliver said: "I want to thank all those who came up to London today to ensure that their voices were heard. I have met with a number of women affected by the changes to the state pension age. While I am supportive of the equalisation of the state pension age, I do believe that more should be done for people who, through no fault of their own, have been caught out in such a way that they will lose out on their pension.

"That is why I have been pressing the Government to provide more benefits to women who should have their state pension, including free bus passes, so that we can ensure that fairness is at the heart of our changes."

Oliver has also joined the All Party Parliamentary Group on State Pension Inequality for Women and is hoping to take a more active role in the group. He has also met with a number of the WASPI women in his constituency and would encourage anyone that is concerned about this contact his office on 01752 600108 or email him at oliver.colvile.mp@parliament.uk.