Type 26 Frigates

I have always been a staunch advocate of our Armed Forces. As citizens of Plymouth, we must not forget that Plymouth’s glorious maritime history is, in no short measure, thanks to the Royal Navy. It is because of this that I want to really commemorate Plymouth’s relationship with the Royal Navy. One of the best ways of doing this by having Plymouth become home to the new class of Global Combat Ship, also known as the Type 26 Frigate, due to enter service post-2020.

I believe this is a very achievable aim, but frankly, I think we can do more. That is why, with local support, I will be launching a campaign to have one of the Type 26 Frigates named HMS Plymouth. I have started this campaign on twitter using the hashtag #HMSPlymouth. Any support is hugely appreciated and I will be launching a petition later this month which will be circulated online as well as in hard copy.

A number of people have contacted me to raise the issue of the previous HMS Plymouth. The disputed nature of ownership and it's geographical positioning led to a rather sad and disrespectful end. I was a keen supporter of bringing HMS Plymouth back to its home, it's birthplace. However, by pushing for one of the new Type 26 Frigates to be named HMS Plymouth, I don’t want the history of the previous HMS Plymouth, and all those who served on her, to be forgotten – I want to commemorate it and see the history of HMS Plymouth become a a true legend.