Improve our roads

Over the last four years, I have campaigned to fix Plymouth's roads and blocked drains drains.

I have continued to call for more money to be put into our roads. The Government recently announced that the Department of Transport will have given Plymouth City Council an extra £9.8 in highways funding by 2015.

However, Plymouth City Council do not seem to have gotten their act together on this. Although they have made a start on sorting out Plymouth's potholes, there is much more to do.

Many local residents have contacted me regarding potholes and blocked drains that they have seen, and reported, to Plymouth City Council - these have not been fixed.

If you would like to report a pothole or a blocked drain, then click on the link below and I will contact Plymouth City Council on your behalf.  It is disgraceful that in 2014, Plymouth's roads are in such a terrible state.