About Oliver

Oliver has lived at the Millfields (the old Royal Naval Hospital) - in Stonehouse - for the last ten years. He understands the stresses and strains of being part of a Naval family as both his father and maternal grandfather served in the Royal Navy whilst his uncle commanded the Royal Marine garrison at Stonehouse.

Oliver's interest in politics started in school when he became intrigued by how an idea could become law or policy. He joined the Conservative Party's professional staff as a Political Agent when he was 21 giving him considerable experience and insight into the workings of Parliament.

A governor of St Andrew’s primary school, Oliver is working with Plymouth Cricket Club – where he is a vice-president - to bring the English Cricket Board’s “Chance to shine” to Plymouth’s inner City schools. A Plymouth Albion rugby club season-ticket holder, he can be seen most Saturday afternoons at the Brickfields, when Albion is playing at home.

A member of the Barbican Arts Centre and the Stonehouse Lawn tennis Club, he is also the Chairman of the Plymouth Health Watchdog, which campaigns for better health care in the City.

Oliver has run his own communication business specialising in regeneration and development throughout England. A member of the Federation of Small Businesses and the Institute of Directors, he is a Director of the Enterprise Forum.

Oliver is a highly experienced campaigner. Over the last decade, he has campaigned amongst other things, for;

• A cleaner Derriford Hospital by allowing local doctors and nurses to decide the clinical priorities - not civil servants in Whitehall
• Plymouth to remain Britain's principal naval port
• A better deal for our armed services whilst serving both at home and abroad
• Devonport dockyard to get its fair share of surface ship refitting and not to become a nuclear submarine dumping ground
• UK fishing waters to come back under UK control
• Changes to national licensing laws so that local people have a greater say in the pubs and clubs that are located in their local community

A keen cricket fan, Oliver is a member of the Addis Army branch of the Barmy Army.